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Henna Art

Henna Art Mehndi is the Indian word for henna (mehndi /Mendi /Mehendi); body painting represents a spiritual and therapeutic experience. Moguls brought the art of the henna from the Middle East in the twelfth century. Mehndi designs are linked to religious beliefs and practices. One of the most important occasions for which henna used is wedding ceremony, baby shower, karva chauth, diwali, eid. Painting the bride’s body with henna – the mehndi night is an essential part of the wedding ceremonies. The most popular tale about mehndi claims that the bride-to-be will not have to touch any household work for as long as henna color last. Another story tells that the darker the henna color the skins, the more the groom will love his bride. As intricate henna designs take longer for application it follows that the most patient of brides would receive the most intricate designs and shows the quality of patience.

Unbroken leaves of henna plant cannot alone create color on the skin. Leaves need to be ground to create color on the skin. The compound lawsone present in Henna leaves plays an important role in the development of the color. It migrates from henna paste to the outer layers of the skin and binds to proteins, and as a result of the chemical reaction, the skin becomes pigmented. Mildly acidic liquids like lemon juice, concentrated tea water, orange juice or any natural acidic syrup are treated with henna powder to aid in color development.

Henna powder is mixed with mild acidic liquids and some essential oils and kept overnight to impart good color. If the paste of henna gets dark green or brown color in appearance, it indicates that it is ready for application. After the application of henna, lemon – sugar syrup is dabbed on henna designs in order to make it stay longer on skin and increase the intensity of the shade of henna color. Henna color may vary from light orange to red wine in color. Variation of henna color is distinctive from person to person depending on body heat, temperature of the surroundings and the weather.

Our designs are beautiful artistic fusion of traditional beauty and modern trends. Our henna paste is mixture of pure henna powder, water and some essential oils which pour flavor of aroma in the air.